The bonnet wedding ceremony – Folk ensemble Drumbľa

Folklore brings us joy, it is a precious gift, it has the magic to join us and last but not least, it toughens a long-standing friendship between dancers and musicians of this group.

Our small folk ensemble Drumbľa is specialized in the traditional Slovak wedding ceremonies, particularly the bonnet ceremony.  The bonnet ceremony is the most extended folklore tradition at the wedding.

Besides that, we create the specific Slovak national art – dances, songs, traditional music from the various Slovak regions. Slovakia, the little big country, offers us its miscellaneous folklore melodies, dance steps and beautiful songs in an assorted wonderful way .

We would love to make your wedding special and unforgettable experience! The ensemble is also ready to cheer up your birthday, nameday, anniversary day, company party, festival or any other occasion.  We are able to modify our repertoire according to your vision and requirements.

We are honored and feeling very happy that you have visited our website! Be ready to see the small dance ensemble filled with eternal youth, great enthusiasm,  spontaneous performance skills and pretty young women dressed up in colorful traditional costumes. Please take a short virtual tour via this website and be surrounded by our beautiful tradition!



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