The repertoire of our ensemble is systematically renewed. Therefore we mention here only some main parts of it.

Musical and cantorial repertoire consists of musical zone with songs almost from every Slovak region. In consideration of a rich representation of musical instruments, our musicians offer a high quality music performance of the Slovak folklore music. 


Dancing repertoire is made with love from Slovak dances of the  middle part called Podpoľanie and Horehronie. Another programme comes from East Slovakia, from the region Šariš and Zemplín. The third region is called Tekov, where our home base takes place. 


Wedding repertoire includes:  Slovak wedding traditions, wedding songs, melodies, customs and the bonnet ceremony. This traditional act of putting the bonnet on the head of young married woman is the most attractive ceremony ever. In addition, it is tailored for every wedding couple. Here they may follow their dreams! 


POLPLAST - profesional vo svete kvetinacov

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