Rent a wedding traditonal costume

Original and traditional, comfortable and unique... with breath of hidden heritage of our ancestors. These are exactly our costumes!



Rich embroidery, tender lace ...  colourful cotton-yarns were transformed by skilled hands with crooked needle to a beautiful embroidery. Natural materials like canvas, cotton, drapery fabric create the basis of our traditional clothing. We are lucky, our little country Slovakia is very rich for costumes diversity in particular regions. We will bring to you the beauty of Slovak costume directly from region Heľpa, where inhabitants wear traditional clothing also nowadays! They celebrate the mass, carnival or special regional events in it.



Let the wedding bonnet ceremony be a nice memory and a special while in your life, not only at the wedding party! We will be happy to give a traditional costume to your groom as well. In case you have not even try our costume, you really should do it once! Are you curious how are you going to look like in emroidered wedding costume? This si your chance. We are sure, it suits to every young bride.  Thanks to a good dress cut, which highlilghts a female silhouette, rich ornamental decoration and colours you will be defenetely the most beautiful Slovak bride!   Wedding photos from your album will remind you of these special moments in the costume. And believe us, they are undescribable experience,  as well as the act of the bonnet ceremony.




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