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Thanks to Slovak geographical location - it has always been a crossroad of cultural influences in Europe – Slovaks have a very rich cultural heritage. The temperament of East meets with socialized and more developed West. The warm sunny meadows on South and Middle Slovakia are fluently connected with strong winds of Northern regions.  Our national folk melodies, dances and songs are original, they stayed preserved till nowadays. Together with Slovak specific handmade traditional costumes our folklore creates the unforgettable experience. Slovak folklore is very diverse, due to different cultural regions situated in a small area of our homeland.



Slovak traditional wedding: the bonnet ceremony

Do you want to be a traditional Slovak bride? Let´s discover the most emotional tradition at the wedding – the bonnet ceremony. This act years by years completes the wedding. This tradition takes place at midnight, when a young bride turns into a married woman. Most of the brides changes the wedding dress into the Slovak traditional costume ( called kroj). Our folk ensemble will take her to dance and during our beautiful wedding songs we will put on her head a handmade bonnet for the first time. This is the particular part of wedding, which changes her social status into a womanhood.

A young groom turns into a married man by putting a hat on his head with peacock feather at the end of this ceremony.
 All of the wedding party dances with the married couple after paying some money / optional/ . This dance is called „Redovy“. Our folk music group Drumbľa will play nice melodies with regional character from their repertoire. The folk music includes an accordion, violins, clarinet, contrabass and two of the most popular musical instruments in Slovakia: „drumbľa“ and „fujara“ . Fujara is a long wooden pipe / flute/  with three carved finger holes. It were used for generations in central area of Slovakia by shepards. Today, this instrument creates a very important part of our heritage. It was proclamed in the UNESCO, on the List of intangible cultural heritage.

The wedding is one of  the most beautiful events in your life. Mostly, you enjoy it with your family, close friends and relatives. Our folk ensemble cherishes it, glamourizes , enriches it with traditions and makes it an unforgetable experience.  In case you have any specific requests, we will love to help you and prepare this act with your cooperation.


The bonnet ceremony program:

  1. Made-to –measure ceremony: we meet your special request due to regions of Slovakia, where your wedding day takes place
  2. Single bonnet ceremony
  3. The bonnet ceremony with traditional dance performance
  4. The bonnet ceremony with instrumental and vocal traditional wedding dance „Redovy“
  5. The bonnet ceremony with a wedding vow / humorous tradition for the married couple and their parents / + souvenirs which belong to this act

Duration of the ceremony is adjusted according to your needs, wedding plans and bridal dinner.  
Folk esnemble Drumbľa rent the traditional custome from the Heľpa region. In case you would like to have a real Slovak souvenire, we will embroid the new custome made-to –measure for you!

In case of any questions, performance conditions and terms reservations, please contact us here.


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