Who we are

                                          “It is not good for the man to be only by himself “(Gn 2,18)


Just in this way we can characterize the foundation of our folk ensemble in which young talented people are gathered. They were already led for singing, music and dance from the childhood. Folklore brings us delight, is a gift for us and last but not least, joins us together, cements our friendship.

Our first folk steps even the successes go to year 1990, when we were performing in the children folk ensemble in Zlaté Moravce. Thanks to active work of our leaders (Cyril Lazúr, Juraj Murín) we visited 16 countries abroad, 22 folk festivals (5 domestic ones) and participated in some TV and radio broadcasting.
After completion of school years we met again to bring our love in slovak folklore to you. Folk ensemble Drumbľa was founded in 2011. It is formed by:

Dance ensemble:                                               Orchestra:                                      Transport and properties:
Gabriela Nehézová                                             Mária Krošláková                            Igor Krošlák
Lea Homolová                                                    Paulína Pániková
Lucia Krpalová                                                   Adam Predáč

Zuzana Mullerová                                               Veronika Bartová
Simona Predáčová                                             Anna Vlhová
Barbora Kobesová                                              Hana Dodoková
Matúš Janák                                                       Marek Uličný                                   
Natália Kekeláková                                             Cyril Lazúr
Ján Nehéz                                                         
Jana Jánošová
Lenka Vaškovičová                                                                        



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